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In the first home game of the new season, the Wolves lost 1-3 to Manchester City. The first and second half of the Wolves were almost two games. The first half was completely terrible, but the second half gave the Wolves some hope and eventually lost the game 1:3.


Why was the state in the first half so sluggish? Under Nuno's leadership period, this was basically the most embarrassing half of the Wolves.


Manchester City is a top team, and the Wolves players are some non-committal. They have been under the suppression of Manchester City for a long time. The offense is only superficial and has no real effect.


Although Guardiola's players are all top players, it is clear that we played at home but hardly put any pressure on our opponents. It looked more like Manchester City playing at home. We gave De Bruyne and other passers too much passing time, he can easily pass the threatening ball.


Manchester City took a 2-0 lead at halftime. This is one of the worst halftimes we have seen with Wolves in recent years.


Thankfully, things got better in the second half. Nuno's players regained their confidence and started to cheer up.

值得庆幸的是,下半年情况有所好转。 Nuno的球员恢复了信心,并开始振作起来。

If we perform better at the end of the game, we even hope to grab a point. The football game is very strange, anything can happen, but we can't accept the first half like Wolves.


The biggest highlight of the Wolves in this game is Bordens's performance.


He did miss two good opportunities to score, but he cleverly assisted Jimenez and helped Jimenez score the second goal in the league. It was very exciting.


After Diogo Jota moved to Liverpool, Bordens had the responsibility to come forward, and he did not disappoint, becoming a frequent player in goals and assists.

迪奥戈·乔塔(Diogo Jota)搬到利物浦后,博登斯(Bordens)有责任挺身而出,他没有失望,成为进球和助攻的常客。

Two assists in two games for Jimenez scored, helping Jimenez to have good scoring data at the beginning of the season. Bordens is a talented player who has the potential to become a key player for the Wolves this season. We hope he can get his first goal of the season as soon as possible.


Another thing to be happy about is that the position of the right back has been significantly strengthened before the game against West Ham on Sunday.


First of all, Adama Traore can play this position is known to all Wolves fans, even though he is not a right-back player and is not very good at defending, he can be considered in the third round.

首先,所有狼队球迷都知道Adama Traore可以扮演这个位置,尽管他不是右后卫球员,也不擅长亚愽游戏app在线登录防守,但可以在第三轮中考虑。

The Wolves signed Hofer from Liverpool last weekend and Semedo from Barcelona recently. This position has suddenly become much stronger.


In the first few games of the season, this position has always been a weakness for the Wolves, but now this position may be one of the strongest positions for the Wolves, changing the game in all the right ways.


On the other hand, Marsar limped and got injured after 7 minutes of the game, which is worrying. Nuno

另一方面,比赛7分钟后,马萨尔(Marsar)翻身并受伤,这令人担忧。 no野

If he misses the next game, I hope Wienerg can do better.


The goal of the Wolves is to rank further on the basis of maintaining seventh place. The next series of schedules may determine how the 2020/21 season will proceed.


This Sunday (two o'clock on Monday morning Beijing time) against West Ham United, after which they will face Fulham at home.


After a period of international competition, they will face Leeds away and then face Newcastle and Crystal Palace at home against Molinho. Judging from the strength on paper, these five games should all be viable for the Wolves.


If they behave like they did in the second half against Manchester City, they will achieve good results. But they must avoid the next first half like this at all costs.


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